Control Mechanical Garage Door Lock with Tasmota and Home Assistant

Not everyone has the option of installing an electric garage door opener, but in some situations it can still be useful to be able to unlock the door with a wireless remote or your smartphone. Most garage doors provide the option to unlock the door from the inside without a key using a small lever. By attaching a small servo motor to it, the lock can be automatized and controlled remotely.

Educational RSA Calculator with EEA

RSA Calculator RSA Calculator Simple, lightweight and web-based RSA calculator for educational purposes. Demonstrates the working principles of RSA, the Extended Euclidean Algorithm and the Square-and-Multiply algorithm. Input Values p = q = e = Generate random values Calculate Results Encrypt/Decrypt x = Encrypt Decrypt Encrypt/Decrypt

Introducing ProtonUp-Qt

ProtonUp-Qt is a graphical tool for installing and managing Linux Gaming compatibility tools like GE-Proton, Wine, SteamTinkerLaunch for launchers the Steam, Lutris and Heroic Games Launcher etc. It can not only install compatibility tools for multiple launchers but also allows the user to individually select a compatibilty tools for each installed game. Simultaneously, the user can see the compatibilty for Steam Deck, the Anticheat status and the ProtonDB rating in the game list.